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Welcome to 4WD USA

4 Wheel Drive USA specialises in Jeep parts, Jeep accessories and any Jeep service or repair requirements - we can install any product we sell for 4 wheel drives. With over 51 years combined experience and a fully equipped workshop, we can service and repair your 4 wheel drive today and fit any accessories we sell. We can deliver your American 4 wheel drive parts and accessories Australia wide.

The Jeep Wrangler has become a phenomenon! From our extensive experience, we have no doubt that the Wrangler is the most accessorisable and modifiable vehicle on the market ever. From performance improvement, suspension from 2 inch to 8 inch lift, the range of chrome and stainless steel body accessories is endless.

This applies to the new 2 & 4 door JK Wrangler. Jeep have done a fine job of upgrading the underbody strength of their new offering, but nothing is un-improvable. The “aftermarket” in the "US" has wasted no time in producing many bright & bling items to make you even more proud of your “drive”. From very functional do-dads, to “look-good” shiny bits, the new Wrangler maintains the claim to being the most accessorisable & modifiable vehicle on the planet.

It took ten years for the other off-road mach fanatics to come around to admitting that the TJ was the one to beat in off-road performance. How long will it take to admit the same about the JK? Not long by looks of sales figures in Australia. We will continue to present the latest & only the best that is on offer around the world.

4 Wheel Drive USA stocks a huge range of accessories for Wranglers. We cater for people with desires from extreme off road to the everyday commuter.

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